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Buying, selling and renting real estate in Prague and suburbs

you need to buy, rent, sell, or rent an apartment? We have a database of properties that are sold or rented in Prague.

Our database is maintained and updated daily through a direct appeal customers exclusive contracts with sellers of real estate, as well as by monitoring of specialized publications the property and all available databases of real estate.

Houses, cottages, villas, plots of land in the suburbs of Prague

want to buy or rent a house in the country? We are always ready to offer you a wide selection of houses, villas and cottages that you can buy or rent near Prague. There is also a customer of our company database offers for sale of land in Prague and outside Prague.

Commercial Real Estate

Looking for a free non-residential premises? Small and large offices, premises for shops, bars and cafes in the center of Prague and other areas, warehouse, industrial and retail space? In each case, real estate professionals can help you similar army and buy, sell, rent or lease the object quickly and at a reasonable price.

Expertise Real Estate

When making any real estate transaction is extremely important to make the correct and up to date assessment of the object. However, the evaluation process is extremely complex. First, the appraiser must thoroughly navigate the current environment and trends in the real estate capital market as a whole. Second, he must be able to "see" and to accurately assess the individual characteristics of each specific property wear areas, the cost of the improvements, and many other factors. Third, learn the ropes in a modern legal framework of the evaluation and real estate operations, and quickly keep track of all the changes.

Our real estate agency work profile experts who have vast experience and are constantly monitoring the situation in the property market Prague. Certified Appraiser of our agency is ready for you to make a professional assessment of the market, consumer, investment and insurance value of any object. By contacting us, you can be sure that your apartment, house, villa or commercial property will appreciate rapidly, accurately and professionally.

Full legal transaction processing

competent legal support of real estate transactions - the key to your confidence and peace of mind in later life. Highly qualified specialists of the agency are experts in real estate and can help you with any questions related to buying, selling or renting an apartment, or other object.

All customers of our company, who come to buy, sell, lease of real estate, may be eligible for legal advice and full legal support such transactions.