Today the real estate success is the continuous development, progress, improve the level and quality of work. Our real estate agency is constantly working in this direction, keeping track of all the changes and innovations of the market.

It offers the most comprehensive, daily updated database include rental properties, buying real estate, real estate in Prague and its suburbs. On our real estate site you can familiarize with offers to sell:

  • housing: apartments, houses and villas in Prague and suburbs;
  • commercial property: offices, shops, cafes, production, storage, and other non-residential premises;
  • land in the suburbs of Prague.
  • find a suitable option of renting an apartment, room or house in Prague, near Prague;
  • advertise the sale or rental of apartments, houses and commercial real estate in Prague and suburbs.

    All real estate in Prague, which is offered for sale or lease are always in our database objects, allowing you to quickly and accurately provide professional assistance if the sale is apartment in Prague or selling real estate, and any other kind of type. To see what the real estate in Prague presented to the purchase, sale or lease of facilities use the search box on our site. All property in Prague gathered in one database of the agency.

    As a universal operator in the real estate market, our agency has an extensive and daily updated database of real estate in Prague and its suburbs. Almost unlimited choice of options allows us to offer each of our clients the best solution for him for the purchase, sale or rental of housing or commercial property.

    many years of successful experience in the market, consistently high quality and reliability of our services, professionalism and support clients in addressing the full range of issues accompanying real estate, securing our agency as a trusted partner.

    Code of Ethics

    All employees of real estate companies are guided by the Code of Conduct, which sets forth the core values, principles, business rules and regulations adopted in our team:

    • mutual respect, trust and support;
    • customer orientation;
    • teamwork and a focus on the overall result;
    • ongoing training and development;
    • score personal labor contribution;
    • meeting the same corporate standards.

      mission of our real estate

      «Providing top notch real estate services, ensuring customers maximum efficiency and safety of its real estate operations. Daily work, to expand the range of clients and establish trust with the partnership, allowing each customer to recommend our services to their friends and colleagues ».

      tirelessly forging new partnerships, developing and implementing new projects, our Real Estate Agency is looking for anyone who may be interested in our services. We appreciate the trust of each client and work hard to achieve the best results in their work!